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Speed reading techniques basically refer to the ability and skill that allows an individual to read at a fast or accelerated pace without considerably reducing comprehension and retention levels. Questions abound as to whether speed reading techniques are of paramount importance in our day to day lives. The truth of the matter is that learning the techniques is quite instrumental in helping us to easily comprehend and understand whatever it is we are reading in a short period of time.

It's surprising to note that a majority of us aspire to learn other skills such as communication, analytical and completely give a wide berth speed reading skills. If you are a student or a researcher who is required to digest a huge chunk of materials on a daily basis, then you need to learn of effective speed reading techniques.

There are many reasons as to why a person needs to learn speed reading skills or techniques. Such skills will help you to effectively comprehend newspapers, technical reports, emails and correspondences effectively and within the shortest time. In order to effectively master the techniques, one must be a good reader and be able to comprehend and digest information fast. Below are some of the speed reading techniques:

• Desist from reading word by word

Reading word by word has been found to be a poor reading habit and hampers an individual from reading fast. As such, if you want to read and comprehend information fast, then you need to quit or avoid the habit of reading word by word. Reading word by word has the disadvantage of a person not being able to fully comprehend the concept being communicated. This is a major detriment to efforts to read huge chunks of materials and grasp and comprehend the information fast.

• Avoid distractions or disturbances

Concentration is of vital importance especially if you are looking forward to improving your speed reading techniques. You need to avoid any disturbances that could slow down your reading or affect how you comprehend the material you are reading.

• Avoid loud pronunciation

Sub vocalization has been found to be quite effective in slowing down a person's speed while reading. It's therefore important that you practice reading without actually uttering the words aloud. The effect of this is that it slows down the comprehension process as you tend to listen to the sound of the word you have uttered or read. The end result is that you end up slowing down the reading process.

• Focus on main ideas or content

When reading, it's important that you avoid inconsequential things and go direct to the area of importance. You should scan the content or text that you are reading and focus on vital areas. This serves to improve the speed at which you read and also improve the speed at which you grasp and comprehend ideas.

In a nutshell, learning speed reading techniques is of essence if you want to digest huge chunks of information. You need to carefully understand the aforementioned techniques and start your journey towards speed reading!

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