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Grammar ProblemDetailsLearnPractice
Grammar ProblemDetailsLearnPractice
Articles - a, an & the Articles are the words a, an and the. To score well in this area you need to use articles and you also need to know when to use the specific article (the) and a general article (a, an)  
Prepositions ON Monday, IN the afternoon, AT the hotel  
To and For This is good FOR you, I will give the book To you  
Simple Subject Verb Agreement There is 1 tree in my garden. There are 2 apples on the table. There are many people in the street.  
3rd Person Singular Subject Verb Agreement She likes vegetables -> I like vegetables. Q: why does the verb change? A: Because of the subject verb agreement   
Uncountable nouns We say "people" and not "persons". A countable noun is a simple noun to make plural (more than one). We simply add "s" eg apples, bananas, friends.   
The 12 Tenses Simple, Perfect, Continuous and Perfect Continuous Tenses  
Regular Past Tense Verbs We simply add "ed" to the end eg walked, missed. NOTE: Your pronunciation of these verbs is important: many students don't have the correct pronunciation.   
Irregular Past Tense Verbs Ate & Eaten, Spoke & Spoken, Wrote & Written, etc   
Present Perfect Tense I have eaten  
Past Perfect Tense I had eaten   
Choosing the simple vs the continuous tense.  I drive to the shops OR I am driving to the shops?   
Simple Past vs the Present Perfect I was ill for 2 days, I have been ill for 2 days - these sentences DO NOT really mean the same thing...   
Using since and for with the various perfect tenses. I have had this house for 2 years. I have been living here since 2011.   
Verbs: Say vs Tell & Said vs Told Learn when to use say, said, tell, told 
Verbs that are commonly confused  Example: using make instead of do, say instead of tell  
Adverbs We say "I learn English easily" and not "I learn English easy". Easily is the adverb. 
Uncountable Nouns found in computing  
All Grammar - Advice  
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