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1. What kind of Private English Lessons are offered?

Here you can see more information about the different lessons available. 
Once you have decided, please go to Step 2 to book the lesson. 

Most popular: 
Speaking Practice, Grammar and Vocabulary
This lesson focuses on speaking practice in the form of free conversation between the student and the teacher and discussion themes/topics. This is supplemented by learning new vocabulary (see below for list of vocabulary lessons) and practicing or learning important grammar points, word games, music, videos, debates, crosswords, articles, and more.  
A well balanced lesson that addresses all the needs of the average student. 

Business + Speaking Practice, Grammar and Vocabulary 
Same as above but with business English added.

Speaking Practice
For students who wish to keep their current level of English and just want to have a conversation in English to practice. This is more common among the advanced learners as they don't need much help with their grammar and vocabulary. 

Other lessons available: 
- IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, and other test preparation. 
- Job-specific English for Professionals. 
- Interview preparation
- Any other lesson requests are welcome. 

This list is just to give you an example, you can learn new vocabulary about any topic. If you would like a custom lesson, please e-mail your request to: info@quickeasyenglish.co.za or Skype: lara.whybrow1

Once you have decided on 
your lesson, go to Step 2 to 
book a lesson
Showing 32 items
Business Advanced E-mails  Articles 
Business Advanced Ethical Chocolate  Verbs 
Business Advanced Funny Business  Articles 
Business Advanced Meeting Reports/Speaking Verbs  Verb tenses 
Business Advanced Negotiation  Articles 
Business Advanced Networking  Articles 
Business Advanced Querying Figures  Articles 
Business Advanced Richard Branson Interview Part 1  Articles 
Business Elementary First Meeting (Introductions & Small Talk)  Verbs 
Business Elementary Objects on Your Desk (Vocabulary & Grammar)  Subject verb agreement 
Business Intermediate 16 Phrasal Verbs  Articles 
Business Intermediate Corporate Health  Verb tenses 
Business Intermediate Describing Workers  Adjectives 
Business Intermediate Difficulties on the Phone  Articles 
Business Intermediate Diplomatic Language  Articles 
Business Intermediate Financial Statements  Articles 
Business Intermediate Managing Tasks  Articles 
Business Intermediate Marketing  Articles 
Business Intermediate Offices and Office Cubicles  Speaking & Vocabulary 
Business Intermediate Presentations  Articles 
Business Intermediate Starting & Ending a Phonecall  Articles 
Business Intermediate The Economy  Articles 
General Advanced Exaggeration and Understatement  Articles 
General Advanced Music Genres  Articles 
General Advanced Robot Comedy  Articles 
General Advanced The Sea  Speaking & Vocabulary 
General Elementary Cultural Differences  Adverbs 
General Intermediate Banking  Articles 
General Intermediate Longevity  Articles 
General Intermediate Online Dating & Relationships  Speaking & Vocabulary 
General Intermediate Sport  Articles 
Showing 32 items